Used by many of World Championship riders in MX, Enduro and other similar motorsports is a meaning of success and prestige.

The main features that puts the 3450 on many podiums are:
- Lenses: 1 mm thickness
- Anti UV
Anti scratch
No Fog (Progrip patented NO FOG lens technology rated the best NO FOG performance on the market)
- Multilayered Mirrored Lens ART. 3246 - 3247 - 3248 - 3253
- Double density foam with hydro repellent and colored velvet.
- Built in tear off pins.
- Silicone treated strap to fix the strap on helmet.
- OTG (OVER THE GLASSES) - Precut foam and molded channels for eyeglasses temples.

It fits in any helmet.

Available in: Electric blue/yellow fluo, light blue/white,
                     blue/red, orange fluo/blue, gray/red,
                     white/black, yellow fluo/blue navy.

Homologation: CE-EN AC-96025 REV. 3

Made in Italy